Making Monetization Your Superpower

Making Monetization Your Superpower

This article examines the following perceived challenges of creating revenue systems for your company and why you should tackle them head on.

Monetization as your Unique Differentiator : As Elena Verna, Head of Marketing at Miro said "Revenue is the ultimate success measure of any company. In order for you to truly own the outcome of your company, you need to own monetization strategy."

The monetization perceived challenges to tackle are the following:

1️⃣  Fear of Customer Revolt. The longer you go without changing your monetization, the bigger the eventual change you need to make. If you establish a frequency of change and communicate properly, customer revolts can be avoided. Try to provide more value or at least more packing options.

2️⃣  Stakeholders. Get a central person understanding the different points of view and orchestrating the monetization conversation from every part of the organization.

3️⃣  Massive Lift. You need the proper infrastructure to make changes. A change to one element of monetization can require updates to a lot of other parts of the system. Diving into this complexity helps you become valuable across the entire organization.


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