It’s Price Before Product. Period.

It’s Price Before Product. Period.

This article draws from Madhavan Ramanujam's talk at First Round's CEO Summit to explain why pricing is so paramount from the get-go and the four ways companies often trip up when trying to monetize. He also shares the three guidelines that startups should follow in order to properly design and price their products.

1️⃣  Why Pricing Is Key From The Get-Go

2️⃣ Why Monetization Often Fails

  • Feature Shock
  • How To Combat Feature Shock
  • Minivations
  • How To Catch Minivations
  • Hidden Gem
  • How To Harness Hidden Gems
  • Undead
  • How To Avoid The Undead

3️⃣  Three Key Rules For Monetizing New Products

  • Have The Willingness-To-Pay Talk Early
  • Investigate How You Charge As Much As What You Charge
  • Don't Settle For A One-Size-Fits-All Solution

4️⃣ A Final Word On Pricing


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