How to Growth Hack YouTube Marketing

How to Growth Hack YouTube Marketing

This guide gives tactics to optimize videos on Youtube, get more views, subscribers and customers.

1️. Create a Compelling Video Thumbnail

2️. Update the Date

3️. Get People to Subscribe on the Video

4️. Keyword Your Profile

5️. Optimize Keywords for Your Video

6️. Optimize Your Headline and Description

7️. Create a Compelling Outro

8️. Ask Your Current Fans to Subscribe

9️. Optimize for Google Search

10.  Say Your Keywords

1️1. Promote Your Videos via Quora and Your Blog

12. Optimize for How People Consume Your Video

1️3. Hook the Audience for Retention

14. Growth Hack Interview Questions

15. Run Ads to Your Videos

16. Engage, Engage, Engage

17. Optimize Your Video Cuts

18. Check Your Analytics for Actionable Insights

19. Record Your Screen for Tutorials

TrueView, QuickTime Player

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