How to generate leads on Product Hunt

How to generate leads on Product Hunt

This article provides a framework for identifying potential leads from Product Hunt.

Step 1:  Lead Generation using the 'Upcoming' section on Product Hunt.

  • Amplifying Social Proof to attract more leads
  • Get top 'Hunters'/'Makers' with massive following to subscribe
  • Add a landing page
  • Include a 'Sweet Deal' to encourage opt-in

Step 2️: Lead Generation using Product Hunt Ship Pro

  • Play with widgets
  • Use Product Hunt messages

Step 3️: Lead Generation using Product Hunt Listing

  • Get talking on "Ask Product Hunt"
  • Choose your 'Hunter' wisely
  • Launch tips from Top 'Hunters'
  • Increase visibility by hunting at the right time
  • Offer your best deal to attract more deals
  • Prepare your landing page for Product Hunt Traffic
  • Supercharge your promotion

Step 4️: Respect the Community

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