How to design a SaaS sign up flow

How to design a SaaS sign up flow

This guide will help you decide between "Friction-based Signup Flow" and "Frictionless Signup flow". After going through some examples, you'll have the pros and cons of each flow.

The signup flow is one of the most critical aspects of the user experience journey as it is the initial encounter that a user has with your product. The way you design it can have a major impact on how users perceive your product. Therefore:

You should choose friction-based signup flow when :

  • The product is complex to setup.
  • It’s not easy to get to the ‘Aha!’ moment before installing the JavaScript.
  • The product is used by many personas for different use cases.

You should choose frictionless signup flow when

  • Easy to use products — the UI is simple enough to trigger the initial ‘Aha!’ on its own.
  • No need for technical integrations for the product to be usable.
  • If the product is targeted towards the lower side of the market…i.e. flies and mice.

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