How To Build A SaaS Referral Program

How To Build A SaaS Referral Program

This article discusses the benefits of SaaS referral programs, and walks you through the exact steps you can take to set up your own referral program.

1️⃣  Make Sure Your Customer Love Your SaaS Tool. First thing to do is to measure your customer satisfaction levels, and make sure your users are happy.

2️⃣  Decide On Your Incentive. If you want your users to take some time out of their day to recommend your product to a friend, you should definitely offer some sort of incentive to sweeten the deal.

3️⃣  Choose a Referral Tool.

4️⃣  Outline the Terms and Conditions, so that you cover your bases.

5️⃣  Decide When To Ask For A Referral. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, so feel free to experiment and see what works best for your company.

6️⃣  Decide How To Promote Your SaaS Referral Program. To get the most out of your referral program, go ahead and promote your referral program through email, social media, and more.

7️⃣  Track And Measure Results. First and foremost, think of the key metrics that you want to monitor, and figure out how to track them.

Growsurf, ReferralHero, Viral Loops.

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