How To Approach Product-Led Marketing

How To Approach Product-Led Marketing

This guide walks you through six steps you can take to start marketing with love & creating the new model for product-led marketing.

1️⃣  Gain a deep understanding of users’ problems. Shift your marketing focus from generating leads to helping customers – treat marketing as an extension of Customer Success.

2️⃣  Focus your content on helping users solve problems. Learn your customers’ problems and address them in how-to articles, guides, tips for success, and other solution-focused content that will deliver value to your customers whilst presenting your product as the primary or complementary way of solving that problem.

3️⃣  Knowledge bases and learning centers. Focus marketing on creating helpful content for users looking to solve their problems – do so through the lens of your product

4️⃣  Don’t forget about SEO. If optimized well, your knowledge bases should be a major source of traffic from SERPs – especially through featured snippets and answer boxes.

5️⃣  Embrace reviews, good regular and bad. Encourage reviews of all kinds.

6️⃣  Change your performance metrics. Drive the right behaviors internally (from # of leads to NPS).


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