9 Onboarding Email Templates to Engage New Users

9 Onboarding Email Templates to Engage New Users

This guide will hook you up with some onboarding email templates to do exactly that.

1️⃣  The welcome email

2️⃣  The pro-tip. Your goal here is to highlight basic features and suggested steps to get a taste of what your software is capable of.

3️⃣  The case study suggestion. Invite your sign-ups to feel like they’re part of a community and make your product seem much more actionable.

4️⃣  The most important feature. What’s going to keep them glued to your product versus that of your competitors.

5️⃣  The personal touch. Here you can present yourself purely as a helping hand rather than a company presenting a sales pitch.

6️⃣  The helping hand. At this point, you’re trying to make sure that your sign-ups have everything they need to be successful, long-term customers.

7️⃣  The upcoming expiration. Now’s the time to crank up the sense of urgency and encourage sign-ups to make sure that they understand that your time together is almost up (unless they subscribe).

8️⃣  The no-responder. These messages are for folks who maybe read a few of your onboarding emails but never engaged properly.

9️⃣  The add-on. The key here is to hammer home the benefits of the upgrade rather than get too in the weeds about specific features.

Best practices:

  • Keep your messages on the shorter side
  • Make your onboarding emails people-centric
  • Avoid generic subject lines to prevent getting lost in the clutter
  • Don’t let your visuals get in the way of your message

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