6 SaaS Retention Strategies to Maximize Growth

6 SaaS Retention Strategies to Maximize Growth

This article shows you some concrete customer-retention strategies you can use to give your bottom line the boost it needs and keep your SaaS sustainable for the long haul.

1️⃣  Align team incentives around retention. Design your internal metrics for everydepartment to incentivize customer retention

2️⃣  Make onboarding your top priority. An effective onboarding process can make or break a customer’s decision to stick with your product.

3️⃣  Engage with customers to help them succeed. Ongoing feedback and engagement with customers are key to combating customer churn

4️⃣  Deliver exceptional customer support. Be proactive. Look for patterns that might indicate customers are having trouble

5️⃣  Optimize your pricing to promote retention. Optimizing your pricing to balance value with profit can have a huge effect on your company’s success, from sales and marketing to retention and profitability.

6️⃣  Know your metrics and choose the right tools. You can’t improve what you aren’t measuring.

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