6 Advanced Steps for Doubling Your Activation Rate

6 Advanced Steps for Doubling Your Activation Rate

This article covers 6 advanced steps for activating users and customers.

Step 1️⃣  Start tracking. Set up proper analytics.

Step 2️⃣  Map out your ideal customer flow. What actions do your most active customers take.

Step 3️⃣  Learn. Call people who haven't finished a key step, set up surveys, watch user go through the process.

Step 4️⃣  Make things simple. Often, this means reducing the amount of friction a user encounters in your product.

Step 5️⃣  Re-engage users. You can think about email, support, automated welcome emails, onboarding flow, lifecycle emails.

Step 6️⃣  Rinse and repeat. Improving your activation rate is an ongoing challenge, be sure to measure and see what’s working and what's not.

Octoboard, Qualaroo, UserTesting

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