10 Commandments for Copywriting Success

10 Commandments for Copywriting Success

This article will help you create messages that get people to do what you want.

1. Imagine your ideal prospect. You are not talking to a "target audience" but to people, with loves, hates, fears, hopes, likes and dislikes.

  • How will you start the conversation? Say something they cannot ignore! You must seize their attention and take them to the next step.
  • This principle applies in all media: Devote most of your effort to how your message begins.

2. Do a complete selling job (part 1). Your aim throughout this is not to lose your audience until they do what you want. You ask yourself what they might be thinking.

3. Write to the ideal prospect. Focus on the content. Once you’re involved,  it does a complete selling job in very few words.

4. Aim for relevant surprises.

5. Appeal to deep emotions. There are few occasions when advertising really relies upon logic. 5 specific techniques you should bear in mind: Repetition, word picture, human frailty we can rely to, astonishing attention to small human details that touch the heart, flattering line.

6. Tell of disaster turned to triumph.

7. Don’t be a bore. Winston Churchill said: “Use simple words everyone knows, then everyone will understand.”

8. Make it clear and easy to read or follow. People are not thinking, even if they are intelligent, when they read your copy or watch your commercials or whatever it may be.

9. Do a complete selling job (part 2). You must repeat your arguments. Give every good reason why people should do what you want and overcome every sensible objection they might have.

10. Search the world and steal from the best. Don’t try to be a genius — just try to get it right.


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